Fishing guide Koit Kikas

Koit is a true professional in his field. His field of expertise includes perch and pike in the Emajõgi River Basin and Lake Peipsi.


Fishing guide Taavo Kuusiku

A man you could describe as the salt of the earth. It is believed that Viking blood runs through the veins of the owner of the Kärbuotsa homestead.


Fishing guide Jakob Kose

Jakob is an energetic head of his own fishing village and a great communicator. He specializes in fishing in Pärnu, where he mainly catches perch and pike. He is fishing from a boat during the summer, and in the coldest months, given the right conditions, Jakob leads fishing enthusiasts on snowmobiles to angle perch from under the ice.


Fishing guide Timo Tintse

The word sea trout makes his eyes shine. Timo has 7 years of fishing experience and, if necessary, he will squeeze water from a stone in order to find fish. Fishing for sea trout has become an integral part of his life.


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